"PUBLIC ENEMY #1: ‘The Accidental Activists’ at Peoples Social Forum Ottawa" Photos by Leah Snyder for Mixed Bag Mag

"Peoples Social Forum: Indigenous, Environmental Issues Predominate" by Dennis Gruending.

"Peoples' Social Forum 2014 and beyond" by Michel Lambert (Alternatives).

"From the Peoples' Social Forum to a Peoples' Platform" by Dylan Penner (Council of Canadians).

"#PSF2014: The launch of a partnership for the 21st century" by Clayton Thomas-Muller.

"Peoples' Social Forum: How Indigenous rights and ecological justice lead us towards living well" by John Dillon (Kairos).

 "Laying the path to defeat Harper in 2015" by Nora Loreto.

"People’s Social Forum 2014 : Space for Change" by Jamie Klinger, JoatU

"Fair Vote Canada at the Peoples' Social Forum" by Gary Shaul.

"How progressives help erode Canada's progressive identity" by Dante Ryel.

"Finding solutions to chronic underemployment at #PSF2014" by Jerry Dias (Unifor).

"How can we make our media more effective in contributing to social change?" by Greg McDougall (Equitable Education), 

"Fighting for CBC at the People’s Social Forum" by Canadian Media Guild


"Our first two days on the road to the Peoples' Social Forum" by John Haggerty. 

"People’s Social Forum – Magnet for Thousands of Anti-Capitalists" by Barry Weisleder.

"The Spiritual Imperatives of Our Time - Sermon" by  Rev. Frances Deverell

Mainstream Media

"Peoples Social Forum brings activists of all stripes to Ottawaby Marie-Danielle Smith, Ottawa Citizen

"People’s Social Forum begins August 21st" By Carmel Kilkenny. Radio Canada International

"'Tell us what democracy looks like!' Protesters march to Parliament Hill" by Marie-Danielle Smith, Ottawa Citizen

"Leesee Papatsie at the People's Social Forum: Nunavut woman in Ottawa to present about the high cost of food in Canada's North" CBC TV News

"Hassan Yussuff at the People's Social Forum" CBC TV News

"People's Social Forum begins with march" CBC News (includes links to TV coverage)

"Thousands Gather in Ottawa for People’s Social Forum" Telesur

"Peoples Social Forum begins with marches through downtown" CBC News

"LIVE: People's Social Forum Protest in Downtown Ottawa" Ottawa Sun

"Thousands in Ottawa for Peoples Social Forum" APTN

"Safe water focus of local delegation to forum" Jessica NyznikPeterborough Examiner


The Leveller produced a daily broadsheet "The Gaggle" during the forum, the archive of which is linked here:

Issue 1 (Aug. 21, 2014) Download or Read Online
Issue 2 (Aug. 22, 2014) Download or Read Online
Issue 3 (Aug. 23, 2014) Download or Read Online
Issue 4 (Aug. 24, 2014) Download or Read Online

"Peoples Social Forum: On to Ottawa" Briarpatch July/August 2014

"Alternative Media Assembly publication" (8 pages of views on the state of Altenative media). Alternative Media Assembly at the PSF

"The Spoke #14 --> Special Peoples' Social Forum Edition" by Toronto Media Coop


Hundreds of Photos from the Peoples Social Forum can be found on our Flickr page:

"INDIGENOUS ISSUES AT FOREFRONT OF PEOPLES’ SOCIAL FORUM 2014" photoessay by Ben Powless. Muscrat Magazine

"Thousands Gather in Ottawa for People’s Social Forum" Telesur

Photos by Damien Laliberte at PSF Unity March.

Photos by the Guerilla Photography Collective

Radio/ Podcasts

"Naomi Klein speaks to the Peoples' Social Forum" by Victoria Fenner,

"Interview with Judy Rebick at the People’s Social Forum, Ottawa" CKUT News Collective

"Interview with Grand Chief Derek Nepinak at the PSF Ottawa" CKUT News Collective

"Off the Hour Live @ the PSF in Ottawa – Anti-Colonial Hour" w/ Lynn Gehl, grand-mère Francine Prayer, Yafa Jarrar and more. by CKUT News Collective

"Palestinian Activist Yafa Jarrar at the People’s Social Forum" CKUT News Collective

"Labour Radio live from the People’s Social Forum Ottawa" w/ Sylvain Lapointe, Herman Rosenfeld, Ritch Whyman, and Helen Kennedy. CKUT News Collective

"Peoples' Radio Archive - Workers' History of Ottawa (broadcast live on Aug 23, 2014)" by Liam Kennedy, political historian, Peoples Radio of the PSF Alt Media Centre

"Peoples' Radio Archive - Spirit Flowers (performance broadcast live on Aug 21, 2014)" by Peoples Radio of Alt Media Cente 

"The Peoples' Social Forum: The first day" by Victoria Fenner,

"Peoples' Social Forum: Day two" by Victoria Fenner.

"The Peoples' Social Forum: Day three" Victoria Fenner,

"Peoples' Social Forum: Fourth and last day" Victoria Fenner, 

"The Peoples' Social Forum: A pan-Canadian/Quebec/Indigenous movement convergence" by SCOTT NEIGH. Talking Radical Radio

"PSF on Boardwalk radio - CHMA" Heidi Griffin, CHMA, New Brunswick

"The role and potential of the first Canadian Social Forum" Latin Waves Media

"GroundWire September 1, 2014" (listen from 6:33 to 9:00) Gretchen King (CKUT). Groundwire

Find more archives of Peoples Radio at the NCRA website here


"Katsitsakwas Ellen Gabriel Peoples Social Forum Ottawa 2014" Clifton Nicholas

"Thousands gather in Ottawa for Peoples Social Forum (Day 1)" (Newfoundland and Labrador)

"Dispatches from Peoples Social Forum (Day 2)"

"The Peoples March at the Peoples Social Forum (in Ottawa, Canada, August 21, 2014)Eduardo Carli de Moraes. Awestruck Wanderer

"Mike Palecek on Parliament Hill: a song for Harper" (performance). by Lucho Granados Ceja

"Rundown of fight against Northern Gateway, Keystone XL etc." (livestream archive) by

"Never Mine – Community Opposition to Mining in Canada and Internationally" (livestream archive) by

"A Stand for Love and Unity" - The Peoples' Social Forum March. Ottawa, Canada" by Paradigm Shift Central 

"Algonquin Kokoms at the Peoples Social Forum" (livestream archive) by Dee Shanger

"Pimento #81: Papua New Guinea -- Indigenous Resistance to Barrick Gold" (w/Sakura Saunders)

"Pimento Report #80: Recolonization of First Nations' Lands" (w/ Shannon Chief, Neecha Dubuis, and Ben Powless)

"Pimento #79: Ottawa Peoples' Social Forum -- Naomi Klein

Occupy Toronto Live Stream Folder - hours of PSF coverage

Web-based Media and had dedicated pages devoted to PSF coverage, and can be found here: and


"Free trade agreements are an attack against democracy and human rights, says six organizations at the Peoples Social Forum" by MICHAËL LESSARD. Media Coop

"Peoples' Social Forum: 500 workshops, 19 assemblies, 5,000 voices and a declaration" by Miriam Katawazi

"Join the Peoples Social Forum from Aug. 21-24" Sakura Saunders. Now Magazine