Caucuses of the Peoples' Social Forum


The DisAbilities Caucus is tasked with ensuring that the forum is both accessible to people with disabilities and has programming that reflects the interests of the diverse range of people with disabilities and their communities. Learn more here.


The labour caucus outreaches to all unions and central labour bodies to ensure unionized working people fully participate in the PSF. The caucus continues to support the necessary infrastructure and organizational requirements for a successful PSF. The caucus will continue to ensure people are mobilized, and spaces are created at the PSF that allow working people to address their issues while working with social partners.

Original Peoples

The Original Peoples Caucus gives guidance to the Peoples Social Forum to ensure Indigenous Peoples are leading the forum and so that the forum honours the territories and the rights of the Original Peoples. As well, the Original Peoples Caucus is organizing activities, spaces, and doing the outreach necessary to ensure that Original Peoples' issues are represented at the PSF. Learn more here.

People of Colour

The PoC Caucus will gather in solidarity as diverse communities and as racialized peoples to ensure that the unique realities and analysis of POC’s are represented within and beyond the PSF. This will include a physical space at the PSF in which people of colour can meet, network, and have discussions related to our 
struggles and movements. Learn more here.


The goal of the Women's Caucus is to ensure that gender issues are well integrated into the planning, implementation and program of the PSF. Learn more here.


The Youth Caucus will create space at the PSF for young people to decide for ourselves what we want to do about issues facing our generation and enable youth to join the movement of shifting power. Learn more here.

Queer / LGBTQ2S+

Join the Queer / LGBTQ2S+ Caucus!  Let's ensure that our voices, issues, movements, and struggles are well-represented at the forum and that the PSF! Email Abuzar for more details and to get involved at