Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Peoples’ Social Forum in Ottawa, August 21-24, 2014. We will periodically update the list as more information becomes available.


What is the Peoples’ Social Forum?
The Peoples’ Social Forum (PSF) is a critical public space aimed at fostering activist involvement of individuals and civil society organizations that want to transform Canada as it exists today. It is a space for social movements to meet and converge, for the free expression of alternative ideas and grassroots exchanges. It seeks to inspire practical involvement in social movements and develop networked action strategies aimed at fostering the convergence of struggles, toward building a broad strategic alliance against neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies in Canada. Social justice, Original Peoples rights, sustainable development, international solidarity and participatory democracy at the centre of its concerns.The PSF is an inclusive space that must be occupied by all people and activist organizations convinced that another Canada is not only possible, but above all, necessary.

Objectives of the Peoples’ Social Forum

As an inclusive space for activist grassroots debate, the PSF intends to:

  • Foster constructive and mobilizing societal debate across the country;
  • Recognize and honour the territories and the rights of the Original Peoples whose territories we reside on and where the PSF takes place.
  • Act in solidarity with Original Peoples through rejecting the racist Doctrine of Discovery and the Terra Nullius.
  • Prompt individual and collective grassroots participation;
  • Share, promote and circulate alternative initiatives and projects;
  • Stimulate the emergence of concrete actions and the convergence of struggles against neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism;
  • Promote sustainable development across Canada in a spirit of solidarity, justice, equality and harmony.

The PSF is part of the global movement of social forums that have emerged at different levels since the first World Social Forum (WSF) was held in Porto Alegre (Brazil) in January 2001.  The last World Social Forum was held in Tunis in March 2013 and the 2015 one will also be organized in the same city.


The list of organizations endorsing the PSF is accessible at the end of this page.

Individuals and organizations can officially endorse the Peoples Social Forum. Read the PSF Charter here and then submit your contact information and website. Your individual or organization name will be posted on the PSF website as an important ally in this work!

Original Peoples

During the Forum there will be an exclusive space called The Indigenous Circle where Indigenous People can connect, eat together, plan workshops, hold meetings, relax, laugh, hold ceremony and do whatever individuals need to do. 

The Algonquin Nation has been involved with planning the Social Forum.  The Traditional Elder and Fire Keeper in Kitigan Zibi will light a Sacred Fire on Victoria Island in ceremony to open the Peoples’ Social Forum; he will maintain the fire with support from his helpers throughout the four days. 

Will there be programs geared toward Indigenous participants?
We encourage Indigenous participants to form a Movement Assembly and propose workshops or other events to the coordinators.



Can the PSF support me in obtaining a visa to attend this event?

The Social Forum is a regional forum focused on communities based in the Canadian state territory. We welcome the participation of all people, but we must emphasize that we cannot help those who come from abroad with travel arrangements. 


The Peoples' Social Forum is organizing the opening celebration and march of the forum. The Peoples' Social Forum encourages other groups to organize their own actions during the forum, but is not able to endorse these actions.

For additional questions, please contact us at

Participating organizations